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Working-class, Jewish director, choreographer + writer for theatre and opera based in east London and Bristol. 

'REFUGEE!' written by Aisha Zia.


Bristol Old Vic Young Company 
Bristol Old Vic Studio 

Director Maisie Newman
Written by Sophocles
Translated by Anne Carson 
Design Mimi Donaldson 

Images Chelsey Cliff

"Girls cannot force their way against men"

The war has ended. Outside the city gates, declared a traitor, Antigone's brother lies unburied. 'Fires won't light, birds are shrieking unintelligible things and the wind is tearing the hair off trees.'

In defiance of her uncles' rule, Antigone stands on a line between city and desert, laws and gods. Fearlessly she steps into the wasteland to forge ahead with her brother's funeral, alone. Her act will trigger a cycle of destruction.

With bold movement and a cinematic synth score, Bristol Old Vic Young Company (The Love of the Nightingale) present this urgent translation of Antigone by award-winning Canadian poet Anne Carson.