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Working-class, Jewish director, choreographer + writer for theatre and opera based in east London and Bristol. 

'REFUGEE!' written by Aisha Zia.

how to remember a name

filmwork, 2021

How to Remember a Name is an embodied encounter with the void. The film navigates the transmission of mistranslated or misremembered history, language, cultural practice and violent mythologies. It places the short untangling of my interaction with, and loss of, Jewish culture against the fathomless void of wider Jewish history and collective trauma. It is an attempt to conjure visions of the burrow, to trace the edge of a crack in the wall and the text, to open and refocus a claustrophobic, alternative space: one of ritual and the body and its relation to vulnerability, shame and memory.

The work features an audio recording of an interview found on YouTube while researching The Battle of Cable Street (Worldwrite). It is of the historian William J Fishman (Bill), a relation of mine, who I met only once.

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