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Working-class, Jewish director, choreographer + writer for theatre and opera based in east London and Bristol. 

'REFUGEE!' written by Aisha Zia.


Ruskin MFA 
Examination Prize for outstanding academic achievement

Maisie was a recent winner of the Rex Warner poetry prize:  

Maisie’s work is a “visceral and elemental exploration of birth, death, and language, which is full of vivid imagery and evocative word-choice. The collection handles its dense literary and historical references unobtrusively and mixes genres, blends languages and blurs the boundaries between letters and images in a way that is both ambitious and successful.”

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Underpinned by writing, my practice unfolds outwards into materiality: into objects, substances like oil, water or soil, visual documents and the construction of embodied spaces. Often navigating cultural erosion, my work is an attempt to untangle the transmission and untranslatability of Jewish histories, identity and trauma, and how these are able (or unable) to be mapped onto language. The work is the culmination of various attempts to unpack myself as an archival space. I start with words, the body, or a crack in the wall. I am finding the evidence of something in my flesh, maybe a route out of or into somewhere, or a forgotten history, or a language. I am trying to orientate and gather myself in the Void but I keep slipping in and out of coherent thought. I cast out a net to collect residual materials but now our veil is covered in mud, we are trying to see through it but the flies are making it difficult
and the velcro stitching
(on the back of the dress)
has ripped a metal taste in our throat

we have forgotten our name
this new one keeps slipping
into the folds of our mouths

secreting a wax

we can’t find the papers