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a book of visions

archival bookwork in an edition of one                        
printed and bound by Book Works

Book 15x9cmx1 cm                                                            
Display case 15x9x8 cm                                                   
Solander box 32x 23x11 cm

I have been thinking about the making of boxes and how we gather and store family histories and records. I have also been thinking about the collection of documents in boxes and the necessity for information to be hidden, alongside the consequence of that concealment being that memories or histories become lost. I have been thinking about how we display these histories in museums or libraries, how rarity or loss can lead to protection or occlusion, of items wrapped in black book cloth and stored in drawers or boxes in well-ventilated basements.

A Book of Visions is an archive of documents (or evidence) from moving through the Void, approaching an occluded family history and loss of cultural identity. It is an attempt to parallel actions of archiving and documenting and to understand the gathering of family history as a practice within itself. An attempt to reconnect to a culture that was slowly lost and silenced before it reached me, in response to assimilation, or to fear, or to ancestral trauma.

The bookwork’s language is that of evidencing, of naming and archiving the experience of relearning a Jewish identity.